[sticky entry] Sticky: Updated Schedule

Aug. 11th, 2015 09:26 pm
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August 1-7: Advertising, questions, etc.
August 8-15: Nominations
August 16-17: Tag Cleanup
August 18-30: Signups
August 31: Housekeeping
September 1: Assignments Go Out
September 21: Default Cut-Off Date
October 15: Assignments Due
October 16-22 Pinch Hits (if necessary)
October 23: Gift Reveals
October 27: Creator Reveals

Updated with a potential pinch hit period and clearer wording on reveals.

[sticky entry] Sticky: Mecha: a definition

Jul. 28th, 2015 10:20 pm
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For the purposes of Cockpit Faceplant, "mecha" is being defined as "a machine or robotic construct that is piloted or otherwise controlled by a person", where that machine is large enough that would require a cockpit, virtual cockpit, immense scaffolding of waldos, or similar. Yes, even if the cockpit is featureless and the pilot moves the mecha with the power of their heart/mind/libido ;3

This Wikipedia entry, while not perfect, may help; the very first iteration of what became Cockpit Faceplant was going to be a Gundam exchange, if that also helps --

Want to check if a fandom qualifies, or hash out some details? We have a discussion post here!
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Thank you, everyone, for an awesome exchange and for bearing with me while I figured out AO3's exchange software! We had fourteen fanworks created. \o/

I'm going to leave the collection open, unless there are any objections. Feel free to drop in with random treats or whatever.

Feel free to leave any feedback/questions/etc. in the comments.
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Author Reveals are in about 12 hours~

However, the collection will be open for the rest of the week for any last treats.
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Gifts are live! If you haven't gotten a notification, check the Gifts section of your AO3 account.

And remember, treating is open til reveals on Tuesdaytil the end of the month~

The entire collection is available here.
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Just a reminder that the collection will be live tomorrow morning!

If you have any last-minute treats to add, feel free to add them between now and author reveals on Tuesday - the collection will still be open for treating.
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We've wrapped up the writing period!

There was one default, and the pinch hit has been picked up. Treats during the days before the collection goes live are always welcome, also :3
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Just a wee reminder:

Today -- 15 October -- at 8PM Eastern is the due date for your fanworks! :3
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Don't forget fics are due October 15th!
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Signups have closed and assignments have been generated! They will go out this afternoon/evening - if you have not received your assignment by tomorrow morning, please check your Assignments tab on your AO3 account.

Remember, you are only required to create fanwork for the character(s) you offered that match your recipient's request. If there are any issues with your assignment, please let me know in the comments of this post - comments are screened and anon is okay (please be sure to note your AO3 username).

There are no initial pinch hits! \o/ Treats of any length are also welcome - the complete request summary is available here.
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The last day to sign up for the exchange is tomorrow!

Signups on AO3

Signup Info Post

Letter Post


Aug. 17th, 2015 09:04 pm
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If you would like to link to a Dear Author/Dear Artist/Dear Creator letter, this is the post!

(Or, if you lack a space to host more information than will fit in the sign-up form, you can add that information in a comment and link it back to the sign-up form.)

Letters are not mandatory, but they can be a helpful way to let the person assigned to create a fanwork for you know more about your preferences, why you enjoy the canon you matched on, etc.

Some things people put in their letters:

• Wants. Things you want/are okay with in your fic. These can be preferences on content/ratings, preferred tropes, etc.

• Do Not Wants. Things you absolutely do not want in your gift. These can include character death, sexual content, AUs, personal triggers, etc. Please respect the DNWs of your recipient.

• What you like about the canon you're requesting and/or what you like about the characters/mecha you're requesting.

• Some additional potential prompts. While optional details are optional, prompts can act as springboards or just give an idea of the sort of stories you'd like to read/art you'd like to receive.

• Any other info you want to include.

Please include your AO3 signup name with your letter link!
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Signups Are Open!

Signups will be open until August 30th.

• 1000 words fanfiction
• cleaned-up/inked line-art fanart

Requests will be visible immediately, however, you will be able to edit your signup until the 30th. Placeholder optional details are fine until then, if you want to provide optional details for the person assigned to you.

This is my first time using AO3's exchange generator. I've tested and tweaked the sign-up form more times than I want to admit. But if there are still any bugs/it does something weird/you have a question about instructions or options or anything, please let me know so I can address it.
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Nominations are closed.

Please take a look at the tag set for any misspellings, wandering characters, etc. If there are any errors, please let us know so we can fix them.

While we tackle the last nominations, any questions we have about nominations will be posted to the original nomination post. If you nominated a fandom that was rejected and feel it meets the criteria for inclusion, you may advocate for it on either post.

Sign-ups will open on the 18th. A post for Dear Creator letters will go up at the same time sign-ups open.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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Today is the last day for nominations. Get your nominations in ASAP.

The Nomination Form is right here!
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Don't forget! Nominations close on the 15th!

The Nomination Form is right here!
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Mostly catching a typo or two, also clearly stating fanwork minimums --
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Right here: Nominations on AO3.

You can nominate up to twenty characters or mecha in twenty fandoms. You don't need to use every slot and you're welcome to do a few nominations and then come back and do a few more later in the week.

Nominations will be approved as quickly as possible. Feel free to use this post to discuss what you're nominating/coordinate/etc.

Nominations close at the end of the day on the 15th.

Edit: Whoever nominated Neon Genesis Evangelion - did you want a specific version of Eva or are you nominating every version? If you want to change your nomination to specify, I'm going to wait for a couple of days before approving. (If it's fine the way it is, let me know and I'll approve it.)

Could whoever nominated Samurai Flamenco clarify how it's a mecha series?

For Wild ARMS 3, would the mecha involved constitute a large enough part of the plot to consider it a mecha game?

We are still in the process of reviewing nominations from the weekend.

We are almost caught up on nominations. There have been a small handful of rejections. If you feel a fandom you nominated has been unfairly rejected, there will be a post on the day after nominations close for you to advocate for it.

Nominations are caught up as of 8am EDT 8-12.

Are the mecha in FLCL cockpit piloted?

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There's been a few additions to the FAQ; just a heads up --
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Questions about fandoms? Want to promote a series? Anything else coming to mind? Toss it up here!
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